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The bumper for my 1986 528e arrived today and it is spotless! Thank you so much for the quick shipment and for the care you put into the preparation and delivery. You were very detailed as to the condition before I purchased it and it arrived in even better condition than I expected. I will be in touch for needs as they arrive in the future. Much appreciated. -- KP

Thanks again for the great service! I'll be looking for you if I need anything else! -- JG
Tech Article

E34 5-Series Cooling Fan and Clutch Assembly

Last Updated: 11/19/2016
Parts Group: Mechanical cooling fan with clutch
This article discusses the cooling fan with clutch (a.k.a. radiator fan, mechanical fan), for the E34 with the M20 engine. The main focus is on assembling these two parts. If you're not here for the technical analysis but would rather buy a used unit (or any sub-components, large or small) from us, guaranteed to work and fit, then please select the link below:The information herein is based on an engine I worked on.

There were only a few potentiallty puzzling things for me.

One was: which way around the fan goes. Then I realized that the metal section is part-way through the plastic of the fan, so it creates two dish-type spaces. The deeper dish goes towards the back.

Another issue was which way around the bolt heads went. They point to the front.

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